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The 2019 AEP-Annual Enrollment Period

Summer's gone, Autumn's here, and soon the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period will open.  Beginning October 15th to December 7th, 2018, you may change your Medicare Advantage Plan, Prescription Drug Plan, or retain what you currently have for coverage.

If you haven't already received your insurance plan's "Annual Notice of Change" it will be arriving soon.  Carefully review the changes.  They'll be listed in two columns showing the changes for your current year's plan and upcoming changes for your plan in 2019.

Think about what you've liked with your current plan or what changes you'd like to make to have the ideal health insurance plan for yourself.  If you've experienced changes in your health, is your current plan keeping pace with those changes?  If your current plan is working well for you, and you'd like to keep it, you need take no action.  Your plan will automatically re-enroll you.

Why are those five handsome, happy people in the picture smiling?  They have the peace of mind that knowing all your Medicare options bring.  Why else do they smile?  They reviewed their plans and made their decision about their 2019 coverage early and unrushed.  One more task is ticked off the "To Do" list.  Now they're ready for the next fun adventure!

Maze, Mystery, or Mumbo Jumbo?  Do you speak fluent Medicare?

Medicare's been called many different names, but it's a great benefit you've earned!  

Are you nearing 65, under 65 but qualify for Medicare's benefits, or almost 65 but still on the job and covered by your employer's insurance?  You have many options, and many important decisions to make to ensure a smooth transition into Medicare.  Would a guide be useful to accompany you through this new world who speaks the language of Medicare and understands how Medicare works in all these scenarios?

It's never to early to investigate your options!  Book a no obligation, no cost consultation with Leah to learn what benefits you are entitled to and how Medicare works!  There's never a fee, no obligation, no pressure ever when you meet with me.

Medicare is my second language, and I'm fluent.

Call me at 520-484-3807 to book your appointment and learn about what Medicare has in store for you!

Where, oh where is my new Medicare card?


Beginning April 1, 2018 Medicare began to mail new Medicare cards to all people with Medicare. It's for your protection, and you'll have a new Medicare number that is unique to you. It will not have your Social Security number listed, but it will be a random mix of letters and numbers.  You do not need to do anything to receive this new card:  it will automatically be mailed to you. It's free and no charges of any kind are attached to your receiving your new card.

If your neighbor has received the new card, but you have not, don't be concerned.  The replacement card will be on it's way.  The new card issuance should be completed by the end of April, 2019.

When you do receive your new Medicare card, shred or completely destroy your current card reflecting your old number.

Be sure your mailing address is up to date by calling Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 or visit Social Security.gov and access the section "my Social Security account" to review or update your address.

Leah's No Scam Zone: Medicare will not call you uninvited, will not ask you to provide personal or private information, or request any money, ever, in order for you to receive your new Medicare Number and card.  

If someone calls you saying that they can provide you with your card earlier for a fee, or requests private information, or threatens to cancel your health benefits if you do not provide this information, hang up and call Medicare at 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227.)

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